Worshipping An Unchangeable GOD

If the WORD of our GOD is changed, then we cease to be Christians! It will no longer be the Christ who is one with the Father and the Father who is the WORD that we worship!

You are free to worship any GOD that you wish, but please stop demanding that we change our GOD to please you. We worship to obtain the grace to please him as he has commanded. We accepted these commands by choice and not by force. We will never conform to worshiping the God of mans desires. We will never change or worship another GOD. You are welcomed to join us sinners to worship and serve this unchangeable GOD in TRUTH and in FAITH as he commands.

We CHRISTians, acknowledge our disobedience when we stray contrary to the WILL and WORD of God. We are remorseful. We ask for forgiveness and atone for our sins. Then, we pray for the grace, courage and strength to go forward and sin no more.

We will not change this GOD for you or any one else. Stop demanding for our souls. We already have more than enough temptations to battle and conquer daily. Live and let live!  The God that you want us to conform to is not the Christ that we have chosen to follow. Please let peace reign and allow us to worship our flawless and unchangeable GOD. We extend the invitation for all to join us to worship in TRUTH and in FAITH. Stop this persecution of CHRISTians please!

I pray and applaud those with homosexual tendencies who have chosen to sacrifice their desires for the flesh by channelling their passions in TRUTH to love and serve the Lord. May the Lord bless them for putting him first and may the Holy spirit grant them the courage, wisdom and strength to accept and do his will.

Many who are able to overcome will receive that crown reserved for saints, for they will be victorious in returning many souls back to the kingdom of God. Labeling the temple of YOU by a sexual preference degrades and disrespects God’s finest masterpiece created in his image and likeness.

If we Catholic’s hold our Pope to the status of infallibility, then we must conclude that GOD created each man perfectly to live his purpose in the world, centered on upholding GOD’s law and doing GOD’s will. Christ came and told us that he did not come to abolish the law, but to clarify it as it is testified in the Holy Gospel’s. If Christ did not change this Law, then how can any man who claims to be in Christ justify this call to conform to a law that contradicts with  the will of the Father.

A will that Christ came to show us how to live and win. Again, I applaud you my brothers and sisters for receiving the grace to overcome more than most, picking up your cross and marching in TRUTH and in FAITH with the SON, for the Father to receive your victorious crown reserved for the children of the most high GOD.

Recall that in the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD is GOD. If Christ and GOD are one, then the WORD can not be changed. Because he remains the same yesterday, today and forever. We must also be one with the WORD to validate our claims and profession of this holy CHRISTian faith. With the passion and ernest desire to live the Gospel TRUTHS, our journey to conform to the WORD is guided with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the road is paved with the blood of the LAMB.

Remember that those who sacrificed much shall receive much. Remember also that all things may pass away, buy his WORD will remain.  We claim and serve a GOD that honors his WORD more than his name, and he has promised that his WORD shall not return to him void. CHRISTian know the WORD! CHRISTian live the WORD! CHRISTian share the TRUTH!

Many will try to destroy the mother church, but they will never succeed because the church is built on the Rock that was handpicked by Christ. The foundation is sealed with the foot of the Mother of God as the head of the serpent is pinned and made her footstool. The body is infused with Truth and holy  traditions guarded by the Angels and  Saints.

We all come to this temple of renewal as sinners because all are welcomed. No one sinner or group of sinners can be bigger than the Master or gain the power to order for the change of the WORD. For to change the WORD is to change our GOD. This shall never come to pass because we will no longer be in Christ. Instead we will be reverting back to our days of disobedience and separation from the father.

Christ said “it is finishes.”  Now can you see why the Holy Church can not be destroyed? My brothers and sisters because Christ Lives, we are!

May you and yours remain blessed.

All praise and glory to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

Honor to our mother Mary!

Rejoice in your royal CHRISTian heritage children of the most high God.


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