Get Involved and Enrich your Faith Life


My brothers and sister’s, I once felt withdrawn from the mass until I decided to get involved and actually learn all I could about  this faith that my family and I were professing at mass every week. There are so many ways to get involved with the faith. From teaching bible classes to joining or even forming small social groups  with members from your parish. Becoming an usher, Eucharistic minister, choir member or volunteering to watch the children at an earlier mass , while you enjoy the mass at a different time without distractions are other ways to get involved.

At my Parish, we had a woman volunteer to host mass in the room next door for the children, while their parents listened attentively to the homilies for the mass hour that most families attend. Even the children who get involved with service in their faith find the mass very fulfilling. They love it so much that they even rush the parents to get to mass on time so that no one else will take their turn from serving.

My brothers and sister’s my family and I made a decision to stop being part-time Catholics by learn more about our faith and getting involved with the service.

As far as the choir is concerned, the director at my parish said to join if you want to help praises to the Lord even if you don’t think that you can sing. He says, “if God does not like your voice, he will change it for you.”  Remember that the choir is singing praises to the Lord, and if you do not like the way they sound, then get involved and help your brother’s and sister’s in Christ fix it.

These are just a few suggestions of how one can enrich and grow in their faith life.  Get involved, your brother’s and Sister’s need and want you to share your Christian Light!

May the peace of the Lord be with you and yours.

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