A matchless Inheritance

A matchless Inheritance

Blessed with the Catholic faith that I was born into from the days of my grandparents. I thank them for this sacramental heritage and I give God the glory for giving me the wisdom and grace to fully appreciate this gift of Life eternal!

A gift worth more than silver or gold. An inheritance worth more than property or land. A prestige worth more than title or royalty.

We have been given the matchless treasure of the Eucharist. A treasure that many do not see. A treasure that some have abandoned. A treasure with many gems that must be polished. A treasure sealed with victory and Love.

For gold & silver may tarnish.

Property & land may be sold.

And title & royalty may be taken,

but our inheritance of this Holy faith shall grow and follow us all the days of our lives.

Mt 17:20- The Lord tells us that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountain’s.

With this seed from our grandparents, we stand routed in the faith of TRUTH.

With this faith, we shall overcome.

Overcoming through grace and mercy,

Favor & Goodness shall deliver us to the house of the Lord,

where we shall dwell with peace and joy

Forever and ever, Amen!

My only regret is the time it took for me to collect/ appreciate this priceless inheritance.

This is my Ogechi.*

May your Ogechi come sooner and sweeter my brothers and sisters.

Mama and Papa, watch over us.

Mother of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, pray for us!

***Ogechi means God’s Time

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