Five Minute Rosary


Pray without ceasing my brothers and sisters! Own these prayers! Personalize each profession. Meditatate on the words and signs. Fell the presence of the Holy Spirit. Be at peace in evey situation! When you being your prayer’s here, worship with songs and praise concludes our homage to the King of kings! Prayer is the expression of the beauty that lies within! Prayer begins the healing process! Prayer defends and defeats. Prayer restores and renews. Prayer gives and delivers. Prayer enriches and empowers. Prayer encourages and inspires. Treat your soul well everyday with the gift of prayer. Begin you day with prayer and end your night with praise, for the Lord our God is worthy. He gave us this holy power free of charge. Open up your powerful gift of prayer and use it without ceasing! Victory belongs to the people of GOD! Pray and win!

Catholic Strong

When you want to say the rosary, but you don’t have enough time to say it: Apostle’s Creed 1 Our Father 5 Hail Marys 1 Oh my Jesus 1 Glory Be

Source: Five Minute Rosary

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