Three Arks For Man


Covenants of God delivered:

Three Arks For Man

Ark made of the finest wood.

Ark made of the finest gold.

Ark made of the finest flesh.

Ark of salvation from the flood.

Ark of salvation from disobedience.

Ark of salvation from sin and sorrow.

Ark of the Father.

Ark of the Holy Spirit.

Ark of the Son.

Ark for Peace

Ark for Law

Ark for Life

Ark sealed with the rainbow

Ark sealed with reverence and awe.

Ark sealed with the body and blood of the Lamb.

Ark for new beginnings.

Ark for new way.

Ark for eternal life.

Ark with paired creation

Ark with word and  essence

Ark with body and blood.

Ark for the chosen pairs.

Ark for the chosen peoples.

Ark for the chosen creations.

Ark of the first covenant.

Ark of the fidelity covenant.

Ark of the forgiveness covenant.

Ark of Noah.

Ark of Moses.

Ark of Christ.

Ark immaculately created by the Father

With the Holy spirit

For the Son.

Hail Mary full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed are you among Women.

Blessed is the fruit of your Womb JESUS.

Holy Mary, mother of God.

Pray for us sinners now

and at the hour of our deaths


With Christ


With Christ

With Christ, I overcame the purpose that the wicked planned for my life.

With Christ, I cancelled the label of the wicked on my person.

With Christ, I have been equipped to defend against the lies of the wicked.

With Christ, I drew strength, wisdom and courage to endure the many afflictions of the wicked.

With Christ, victory for my afflictions are displayed through his sorrowful mysteries.

With Christ, only his will shall be done in my life.

With Christ, no other name that I am called by others matter.

With Christ, the wicked lose!

With Christ, I win!

With Christ, I live!

With Christ, I also AM!

Get thee behind me Satan,

for I AM with Jesus Christ.

Original I AM

Original I AM


Original me fearfully and wonderfully created by the Original I AM.

His work can not be duplicated and still remain Original.

Duplication can never be as good as the Original.

The essence is lost when alterations are made to the Original.

Originals are fearfully made with the essence of the Original Creator.

Originals are wonderfully created with the Original purpose to be.

Original I remain,

because of the

Original I AM!

A matchless Inheritance

A matchless Inheritance

Blessed with the Catholic faith that I was born into from the days of my grandparents. I thank them for this sacramental heritage and I give God the glory for giving me the wisdom and grace to fully appreciate this gift of Life eternal!

A gift worth more than silver or gold. An inheritance worth more than property or land. A prestige worth more than title or royalty.

We have been given the matchless treasure of the Eucharist. A treasure that many do not see. A treasure that some have abandoned. A treasure with many gems that must be polished. A treasure sealed with victory and Love.

For gold & silver may tarnish.

Property & land may be sold.

And title & royalty may be taken,

but our inheritance of this Holy faith shall grow and follow us all the days of our lives.

Mt 17:20- The Lord tells us that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountain’s.

With this seed from our grandparents, we stand routed in the faith of TRUTH.

With this faith, we shall overcome.

Overcoming through grace and mercy,

Favor & Goodness shall deliver us to the house of the Lord,

where we shall dwell with peace and joy

Forever and ever, Amen!

My only regret is the time it took for me to collect/ appreciate this priceless inheritance.

This is my Ogechi.*

May your Ogechi come sooner and sweeter my brothers and sisters.

Mama and Papa, watch over us.

Mother of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, pray for us!

***Ogechi means God’s Time

What If?

What if we began by correcting the definition of their being?

What if we began by encouraging them to define themselves as God has defined us all?

What if we encouraged them to see themselves as children of the most high God?

What if we began to teach them what God has planned for his children?

What if we began to teach them how to live like children of God?

What if we began to show them ways to live like children of God?

What if we began to teach them what God created us all for?

What if we began to teach them how we were all made in his image and likeness?

What if we began to define how fearfully and wonderfully we have all been made?

What if we began to call one another beloved?

What if we started now?

What is Works to you?


What is Works

Do you really me?

If you know me, then why do you turn my mercy upsidedown?

If you know me, then why do you turn my mercy against my WORD?

“My sheep know me.

They listen to my voice,

and follow me.”

Go back to the WORD and reflect on the sequence of works from those shown great mercy!

Look at the woman who touched the garment of his clothes. With her small, yet discrete outwardly sign of faith, she received her great healing with mercy.

Blessed are those who hear the WORD of GOD and keep it!

Matthew 8:8-13 (please read it today for yourselves)

Look at the faith of the centurion, with his profession of his faith

” Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, only say the WORD and my servant shall be healed.”

Just with those words, he was granted the great healing he sought after.

These two shown great mercy came to God and displayed their faith. One with a small touch and another through his speech!

Works is an outward reflection of Faith.

When you profess your faith, you have done works

For “if you deny me before your friends, I will deny you before my Father.”

When you pray for or with one another, you have done works.

When you serve one another with love, you have done works.

Sharing the WORD of God with others is works.

Sharing the WORD in song, praise, consoling, preaching, writing, etc. Is works.

Though it is good to reflect your works as done by the good samaritan, doing all that you possibly can from your heart is all that is required to display your faith!

Your good works must not crave the Recognition and praise of man.

Your father in heaven knows your heart and will reward you abundantly for your good works.

Yes,  faith without works is dead!

My brothers and sisters, there are many ways to reflect your faith through your small daily works for the glory of his name.

As blessed mother Theresa concludes, ” for you see,  in the end, it is between you and GOD. It has never been between you and them anyways.”